Steam Styler

Transform your hair instantly with Qure Professional Steam Styler Hair Straightener.

Professional Steam Styler by QURE


Professional Steam Hair Straightener

Transform your hair instantly with Qure Professional Steam Styler. Twice as smooth hair and faster result while 78% less heat damage. Optimal hair protection. Lasting hairstyle, soft hair with natural movement, suitable for all hair types. The ceramic plates offer triple protection through ionization and the infrared technology locks in the natural moisture as well as all other natural components of the hair.

The specially designed plates from Qure Professional ensure the ideal contact with the hair regardless of the angle of application.

Emerging high resistance ceramic tiles for less awareness. Initial activation temperature 210C. Continuous and automatic heat control. With a choice of 6 temperature levels: 235C / 220oC / 210oC / 190C / 170C / 150C. 360 degree rotating cable for easier use. RATED VOLTAGE: AC 110V-240V, 50-60HZ, 50W GERMAN QUALITY CONTROLLED 2 YEARS WRITTEN WARRANTY

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