By using ``Germicidal UVC Light`` you will be able to eliminate viruses, bacteria & pathogenic microbes whose existence is not visible to the human eye, thus reducing the risk of your exposure to possible infections.

In order to face the new reality that Covid pandemic has created, Qure International developed three brand new devices that disinfect any personal belongings or a professional space efficiently by exploiting UVC radiation and ozone’s properties.

Product Details

Suitable for 30-100sqm

The “Germicidal UVC Light” 78W can easily sterilize an entire room from 30 to 100 sqm, such as a store, bedroom, living room or kitchen in 15 to 60 minutes.

Ozone production

During disinfection, microbicidal UVC light produces ozone, which makes it possible to disinfect areas where ultraviolet light cannot reach. It can be used for any household utensils - such as spoons, plates, or telephone handles, toilets & any other personal item.


The internal timing function will stop the device as soon as the optimal disinfection time has elapsed. This means you can configure the device and move to another room. It saves space and allows the sterilization of any room or other space selected.


It offers security & a sense of confidence Innovative product for professional / home use. Very low cost per use Competitive product compared to disinfection companies, in which the cost is repeated. 100% safety in the room that will be used in a minimum of time. Easy to install and use. Easy to transport. Flexibility of programs according to the needs of the user. Energy saving/ Eco Friendly. German Quality Controlled.


A safer and more effective alternative way to keep your home clean without using harsh cleaners and only with natural solutions. Portable design that saves space and allows the sterilization of any room or space of the house. Easy to transport in and out of the house/working space. Easy & practical to use & install. Saving power with the internal timing function that stops the device as soon as the optimal disinfection time has elapsed. Economical & reliable solution with reliability.


Innovative solution with immediate practical application. Substantial competitive advantage. Environmental safety and hygiene for himself and his associates. Confidence & a sense of responsibility towards his customers. Optimal efficiency at minimal cost. New sales opportunities.


UV-C radiation has a very fast disinfecting effect, significantly reduces the microbial load from the first minute of treatment and the process is completed in short time. By itself, the action of UV-C radiation has a very high degree of effectiveness. In combination with the action of ozone, the results are absolutely satisfacting and are achieved immediately!


Do not look directly at the UV light source and use the device if there are no people, animals or plants in the area. Ultraviolet light can cause a rash, irritation of the conjunctiva of the eye, fatigue and so on. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light has the potential to burn the skin and eyes. In case of prolonged inhalation, ozone can damage the respiratory tract. Please close doors and windows during sterilization and no humans or animals should be left in the sterile room. Ozone is an unstable gas and decomposes by releasing oxygen formally in 30-40 minutes. When using an ultraviolet microscopic lamp with an ozone generator, after the sterilization is complete, ventilate the room for at least 30 minutes before you stay in the room.


CE No: BST1704769150001Y-1EC-1 --- CE No: BST1704769150001Y- SE – 2 --- ROHS Νο: BST1704769150001Y-1RC-4 --- TUV : 69255710/20

Qure UVC Led Sterlilizing Box

Sterlizing box for devices, tools e.t.c

Excellent portable UV oven / sterilizer for excellent disinfection, easily and quickly, safely and most importantly economically. Disinfects and sterilizes by 99.9% thanks to ultraviolet radiation, wavelength 260-280nm. This UV sterilizer is small in size and powered via USB, which makes it easy to carry so you always have it with you. It has a timer so you can adjust its operation. You can choose between 60 or 90 seconds of sterilization. It is suitable for a variety of items, in addition to mobile phones, metal and plastic, such as watches, masks, jewelry, knives, forks, combs, tweezers and anything else that can fit the dimensions of the sterilizer. Necessary in every home, kitchen, cafes, hotels, hairdressers etc. Features: Timer: 60/90 seconds USB Type C power cable LED indicators Weight: 940g Dimensions: 250 x 110 x 82 mm

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