Dry Oils

The dry oils are based on a natural coconut ester, which molecular weight is same with our skins one. As enhanced by moisturizing formula and UV filters, nourishes, protects and hydrates hair and skin especially after exposure to the sun! Suitable for everyday use. Prevents also from the appearance of skin stretch marks during pregnancy and in cases of weight fluctuations. The dry oil irresistible smooth and non-greasy texture, will awaken the senses with a high dose of energy, leaving the hair and skin feeling nourished and soft.94% NATURAL AND HERBAL INGREDIENTS

Six unique fragrances that reflect a unique type of woman. Discover Yours!

THE cutie FIRE


A fast-absorbing dry oil that infuses skin with instant moisture thanks to an innovative formula with coconut ester extract that has a similar texture to our skin's natural sebum. Moisturizes deeply any skin type while providing minor protection from UV solar radiation. With exclusive properties that have a great affinity to the lipids that exist naturally in the skin which helps support the skin's natural barrier to keep moisture in and pathogens out, while healing and nourishing the dry skin. Prevents skin stretch marks during pregnancy or other reasons that lead to weight fluctuations.

THE charming STAR

Amelie took whatever she could get. This intoxicating aroma was unique! It truly makes her feel a different woman, sexy, mysterious and definitely relaxed...she knows well the rules of the game and she doesn't let somebody else to win!

THE spoiled QUEEN

A capricious princess with her impressive style wants to leave her mark everywhere...She is like a yummy vanilla-caramel blend, an aphrodisiac which promises the perfect erotic night.

THE sweetie PIE

If it is not love at first sight, it will surely be from the first moment he will smell her unique aroma. They said ``good morning`` together ... this sweet scent will still be there until the first sunbeams appear. This delectable blend of flowers and orange is perfectly combined with this colorful spring morning...


Her skin is tanned by the warm touch of the summer sun. She's out here externalizing the sexy, carefree girl who is hiding under her airy clothes. Her coconut aroma highlights the power of her will. When you have this feeling, you know that there are no limits!

THE trouble MAKER

Legends say that this scent has been called as the ``love elixir``. Only the really bold ones managed to tame this scent and use it to seduce others..

An oasis of beauty