Qure has created a line for a deep reconstruction with Cannabis Sheer Therapy. It contains oil from the cannabis plant which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory anti-aging agent which balances dryness while it is especially moisturizing. It is weightless; it can be absorbed easily and is an excellent additive as it enriches the hair with valuable vitamins and trace-elements. The line Cannabis Sheer Therapy operates against hair breaking and accelerates its development.


qure cannabis shampoo 1


Shampoo for reconstruction with oil from cannabis . It is sulfate free and is ideal for use after keratin therapy.

Reconstructive shampoo with cannabis oil and vegetal keratin that cleans gently without weighting down, repairs and moisturizes hairs' inner structure. Contains a unique complex formula that protects hair from breakage while accelerates the rate of hair growth. Gives natural volume and protects the hair from humidity while reduces the frizzing effect.

qure cannabis mask 1


Mask for deep reconstruction with cannabis oil. Does not contain sulfates and is suitable for hair that has had keratin treatment.

Professional treatment mask for damaged hair with cannabis oil and vegetal keratin. The innovative formula repairs and hydrates the inner structure of each hair while protects the hair from breakage and split ends. Gives natural volume and protects the hair from humidity while reduces the frizzing effect.

qure cannabis complex 1


Hair Treatment Serum with cannabis oil and keratin.

Premium creamy oil-advanced hair treatment serum with unique cannabis oil and vegetal keratin complex. Developed with an evolved non-oily texture technology that is more easily absorbed by the hair compared to the old-fashioned silicons, silks, and oils. Nourishes and rebuilds the inner structure of damaged hair while reduces the breakage and repairs the split ends. Protects from humidity and eliminates frizz. Use it on dry hair as a finishing product or damp hair as a thermal protector before the hairdryer. Pro Tips: mix a small amount of the complex with your conditioner or mask to boost your daily hair care.

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