Hair Styling

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Complete hair styling system for men by Qure

Qure Mr Q Salt Spray

Salt Spray Mr Q

Gives body and shape without weighing down the hair.

Improves the natural movement and texture of wavy hair. Creates thoroughly sloppy looks. Vegan product without ingredients of animal origin. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply to towel-dry hair. Style wavy hair or curls as desired. Dry naturally or with a hair dryer at low intensity. For a casual style, turn the hair upside down and work it with your hands, aſter drying it. Tip: Apply to dry hair for a quick refresh of your curls and for wavy hair



Clay for strong hold

Qure Homme Hair Clay is a matte texture, natural look clay is formulated with Beeswax and has the perfect density to allow easy application and invisibly blends into your hair for an all-day workable strong hold. Defines and shapes any hair type while leaving a casual look & feel

Pomade Medium Shine - Water Base Bees Wax and Castor Oil

Pomade Medium Shine

Beeswax and Castor Oil

Instructions for use: Wash your hair and dry it by 80%, place the appropriate amount of hair pomade on your palm, rub evenly and then apply it well on the hair. Use your fingers or a comb to give the desired result. Applying to dry wool you have a stronger grip. Refresh your hair during the day simply by wetting it with a little water using your fingers. Easily removed with one wash.

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